Products & Services

  • Automated Switches, Sockets, Curtains. Timers, Photocells, Motion, Voice Activated Sensors, Universal Remote Controls, HVAC Sensor, In-built Media Systems.

  • WIFI, GSM, Remote Control, Wireless Alarm and Burglary Systems. Virtual Perimeter, Electric Fencing Smoke and Gas Detectors

  • Bio metric Time Management, Remote Control,GSM, Smart Phone, Keypads, proximity locking systems, Intercoms, Doorbell, Gates

  • Website and Application Design, Database, Management Systems and Software Development, Networking 

  • Wireless, Digital/IP, Analogue CCTV Cameras. Mini, Smart, security and intelligent Cameras.

  • Security, Automation, Computerized, IOT, Activity Tracking Systems (Solutions), Embed computerized Systems.